Costa Mujeres Destination

  • When you plan your vacation in a paradisiacal beach in Mexico, the image of Cancun or Playa del Carmen inevitably comes to mind. But if you are also looking for a real break, a place away from the crowds and a real closeness to nature, there is only one Costa Mujeres answer.

    The Costa Mujeres destination is located in the Municipality of Isla Mujeres, but it is located in the continental territory of the State of Quintana Roo, near to Cancun city; and this is why it is common for tourists, even local people, to be confused and identify it as areas of Cancun. The beaches are only 20 minutes away (if you travel by car). Being only 30 kilometers from the city of Cancun; the new jewel of the Caribbean, Costa Mujeres, hidden and with beautiful beaches, that only some fortunate ones have been able to know. This new coastal area has become an ideal destination for tourism due to its white sand coasts and luxury hotels.

    An ideal destination to have fun with your family or friends, since it offers different activities that you can do outdoors, in recreational areas and also in hotels in the area.

Yes, Costa Mujeres Hotels are Accessible

  • It is not surprising that in these beautiful beaches there are large and luxurious hotels, which due to their size and prestige have seriously considered offering infrastructure and special access for people with disabilities, mobility limitations or the elderly.

    The size of the Costa Mujeres hotels and the great distances within their facilities make hard to move from the lobby to their restaurants, beach, pools and room areas. But moving with freedom, security in these big hotels is no longer a problem for people with limited mobility, fortunately very close is For Handicap Travelers; with us you will find the mobility equipment that suits your need, no matter if the condition is due to motor disability or limited mobility due to being elderly, we have traditional wheelchairs, but it is unquestionably best to rent a Scooter chair. Of course we also have transportation from the Cancun airport with adapted vans with ramp, equipment such as medical oxygen, help in bathroom, tub, shower and many more options.

    Remember that if you visit Costa Mujeres, there are options that will undoubtedly make your stay easier and more pleasant.

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